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Sensory Sundays 2019

Sensory Sundays 2019 - 8th December 2019

This event takes place on the second Sunday of each month throughout 2019.  


Sunday 8th December 2019

Sunday 12th January 2020

Sunday 9th February 2020

Sunday 8th March 2020

Sunday 12th April 2020

Sunday 10th May 2020

Sunday 14th June 2020

Sunday 12th July 2020

Sunday 9th August 2020

Sunday 13th September 2020

Sunday 11th October 2020

Sunday 8th November 2020

Sunday 13th December 2020


Stores will either turn off their music or turn it down to a very low level. Also our hand dryers in our facilities will be turned off.

For more information on our Sensory Sundays, provide feedback or to request assistance please email: [email protected]

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